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      We’d like to know a little more about you. Tell us in a couple of lines about your reason for taking this course, and an interesting fact about you.

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      Hello and welcome to Leadership 1! My name is Sharon Foster and I’ve been an RPN for 10 years. I went to Humber College in Etobicoke and have worked a little in LTC, community, clinics, but my main role has been ER RPN at Etobicoke General, then Urgent Care in Peel. I’ve been with WeRPN for 4 years now. I also have two quirky rescue dogs that enrich my life and destroy my house. 🙂

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      Good morning online classmates! My name is Tania Strong. I graduated from Loyalist College in Belleville in 2011. This was a second career for me going back to school as a mature student. One of the best things I could have done for myself. I love being a RPN.
      I worked at the Belleville Hospital in Complex Continuing Care and the Surgical Floor , in a weight loss clinic and now have been working at The Belleville and Quinte West Community Health Centre for the past 5 years.
      I have a great sense of humor and an infectious laugh

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      Hello everyone,
      My name is Lena Wagner. I graduated from Georgian College in Orangeville in 2016. I’ve worked in the community, hospital and retirement homes. I know work in a Retirement Home in Elora and I love it. I wanted to be a nurse since I was a child. I always wanted to work at Sick Kids in Toronto as an RN. I went for my HCA now known as PSW right after high school. With an injury and life events that never happened. So later in life I decided to get my RPN and here I am today. I have 3 boys 26, 24 and 16, married for 27 yrs and 2 German Shepherds. I look forward to getting to know you all throughout this course.

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      Good Evening everyone,
      My name is Erin Gmeindl. I’ve been a RPN for 17 years having graduated from the Conestoga College RPN program in 2004, when it was first changed to the 2 year diploma program!
      I’ve worked in Geriatrics my entire career in the LTCH, Retirement home and Pharmaceutical environments, mainly in the Kitchener-Waterloo and Wellington regions.
      I specialize in Dementia care, which I have a passion for and was the Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) RPN lead in my previous LTCH when it was introduced in 2012.
      I am currently an Assistant Director of Care in a Retirement home in Stratford.
      I also have a rescued 4-legger (dog) that rules my heart and my couch.

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      Hello Everyone
      My name is Jennifer Hickling, I have been a RPN for 15 years, the majority of my career I worked in Acute care and specialized in Dialysis. I recently made the switch to LTC and I am really enjoying the change. I entered LTC during COVID and have found the past year very rewarding and very heart breaking all at the same time. Due to significant staff turnover, I have taken on a number of roles one of which is our Responsive Behavioral Lead. I have enjoyed diving into to this area of care head first and not looking back. I am hoping this course will give me a bit more background to move our behavioral program in a positive direction.

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      Hello everyone
      My name is Lindsay Pentland I graduated from St. Clair College in 2007. I started at Leamington Hospital shortly after, where I worked on almost every floor. Because of the small facility I have been able to dabble a little in many things, such as Rehab, med/surg, palliative, step down ICU/tele, CCC, ambulatory care, and since Jan 2019 I’ve been in the Rapid Assessment Zone in the ER. I also worked with a doctor there in his pain clinic there since 2017. In 2019 I was voted in as a union representative and have been thinking about taking this course to improve my overall leadership skills. After a long year + I was starting to feel the burn out, so this summer I changed things up and decided to do something I’ve always wanted to.. I became a travel nurse. I am currently up in Northern Ontario along the coast of James Bay in remote fly in only communities. I am relearning what ‘small town’ is and it is truly reigniting my passion for this profession!

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      Good morning Nurses!
      my name is Mina Amrith and I have been a RPN for 23 years and I have been elected as Executive Vice President of SEIU Healthcare. I have worked at Sunnybrook as an IV nurse, and on a behavioral unit. I love baking and eating! I am looking forward to getting you all.

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      Hello Everyone!

      My name is Angela Reid. I switched careers and have been nursing since 2003. I started on a orthopaedic and neurosurgical floor outside Vancouver BC and have worked at Belleville General Hospital since 2008, predominately on a surgical floor. As time has past and senior staff have left I find myself being “senior staff” and am looking for more learning opportunities to have a positive impact on the team with whom I work. My husband and I have two young girls who are now old enough to allow me some time to focus on my career development.

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