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      We’d like to know a little more about you. Tell us in a couple of lines about your reason for taking this course, and an interesting fact about you.

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      Hi Everyone!

      My name is Johanna. I have been an RPN for 21 years. I have worked in Mental Health and currently am working in Long Term Care. I specialize in working with clients with dementia. In my spare time I like to relax with my husband and 2 dogs – Huckleberry and Tom. We like to go for walks on nearby trails. I am looking forward to improving my leadership skills, as I am finding this a challenging aspect of my current job!

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      Hi there!

      I’m Maria Alejandro. I have been an RPN for 17 years. My nursing background is predominantly in the ER (14 yrs) and I have worked in acute medicine and surgery float pool for 5 years. I also briefly worked with the Cree people in the Weenebayko area. In 2019, I went to Nepal and volunteered as a nurse in one of the hospitals in Kathmandu. Currently, I have been working through agency nursing and will be starting a new job in remote outposts in Ontario servicing healthcare in the indigenous regions. Through agency nursing, I had the opportunity to work in both LTC and retirement homes. Being the leader of a LTC unit was definitely something I enjoy doing and would love to hone this skill through emotional intelligence. Although I had been finding it challenging to transition from an acute care way of thinking to a chronic care way of thinking. I enjoy traveling the world and learning about different cultures. When I’m home, I spend time with my husband, daughter, and Frenchie. I am also currently taking Occupational Health Nursing Certificate at this time.

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      Hello, I’m Blair

      I have been a nurse since 2018 with some experience working within all units of the hospital. This was in a float position with a main focus on ER, Mental Health and Addictions. I ended my career in the hospital when they lifted the regulation around working in multiple locations. At this time I started working in LTC and really enjoyed the change. I ended up leaving the hospital in 2021 after completing my Advance Wound Care and Advance Foot Care certifications along with MDS-RAI. During this time I was offered a job as Corporate Clinical Support and went into our LTC homes and supported our organizing with any task that needed to be complete under the direction of the VP. I now support our homes as the Director of MDS RAI and Rehab. I continue to support on a clinical level as well.

      I just got married in June, I have a 14 year old Golden Retriever, I love to travel, being outdoors and on the water. I enjoy to learn and try new things. We only live once, so do it right. Looking forward to the weeks to come.

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      Hi , My name is Victoria Summers
      I started my RPN career in a Long Term Care Home from 2012 to 2018. I am now a clinical coordinator for psw services. I do work casual with Paramed home health to keep nursing skills up to date. I very pleased to have the opportunity to work in my own Indigenous community southwest of London ON. I am in psw supervisor role so I am hoping to increase my knowledge in the leadership role.
      Interesting fact: I graduated the RPN program with my little sister, we both got full jobs at the same long term care home the same year. I then switched to home and community care and my sister followed along and we are both working at the same place again.

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      Hello! My name is Jessica I’ve been an RPN for almost 8 years. I work at Windsor Regional Hospital on Inpatient Surgery. Over the past few years, I’ve realized that I love learning and there are so many courses I would love to take. I feel a calling to help empower myself and my coworkers as nurses in the workplace and as a woman in society. The more I learn, the more I share and help inspire others.

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      Hello everyone ,

      My name is Jay-Ann, I ‘ve been an RPN for two years now. I work Full time at a long-term care home where I completed my pre-grad placement. I decided to take this course to improve my leadership skills such as communication and problem solving as these are important skills to have as a nurse. I’m looking forward to coming weeks, to use new skills learnt .

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      Good Evening!

      My name is Rebecca. I’ve been an RPN for 17 years. I started my career working four years in med-surg and CCC in a small community hospital. After relocating, I accepted a position in a LTC home and have been there for the past 13 years.
      Being in a supervisory role I felt this course would be beneficial. I’m always interested in learning.
      In my free time I enjoy spending time with family and friends, day trips to unexplored areas and being in nature.

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      My name is Loretta Smoke. I have been an RPN for 11 years. I have worked for the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne for 8 years. We have 2 clinics which are in Quebec and Ontario as our Reservation is divided between 2 provinces and also part of Northern New York state. I first started at our Ontario clinic and when the Pandemic started I was moved to the Quebec clinic for two years. I currently go back and forth between the 2 clinics but most of my time is at the Ontario clinic. I work with the providers we have within our organization and also do blood draws for patients within our community who utilize our clinics. My supervisor suggested I take this course and she has mentioned me taking on a supervisory role within our department. I am open to the opportunity should it present itself, and I feel this course would help gain the skills necessary to succeed in that aspect.

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      Hello All! My name is Paula and I have been an RPN since July 2010. I currently work in the pharmaceutical field. Since 2016, I have had various roles including Nurse Case Manager, Associate Program Manager and Nurse Field Case Manager. I live in southern Ontario. I also have a part-time job where I care for a brain injury client. I love being a nurse and providing care to others.

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      Hi, I’m Rebecca. I graduated 2 years ago but due to personal circumstances I had to take some time off. I am currently applying for jobs. Some personal interests of mine include crochet and reading. I am looking forward to using skills learned from this course as I begin my career.

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