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      We’d like to know a little more about you. Tell us in a couple of lines about your reason for taking this course, and an interesting fact about you.

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      Hi everyone! My name is Christianna, I’m from Barrie. I have been an RPN since 2012. I currently work in Clinical Informatics as part of a project updating our charting system and moving towards CPOE. Prior to the project I worked in Hemodialysis.
      I have 2 young, active boys and we spend a lot of time outdoors. We like going on hikes and camping. We like visiting with friends and family. During downtime I enjoy watching movies and cooking.
      I took this course to improve my leadership skills as well as enhance my resume. I have enjoyed project work and would like to improve the likelihood of hiring for future projects.

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      My name is Valerie Marshall and I live in Komoka, Ontario. I am trained as a PSW and RPN. I currently work with children in our local public school board. I love being outdoors and spending time with my family. My hobbies include volunteer work, and spending a lot of time outdoors. I am taking this course to learn how to become a good leader.

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      Hi everyone! My name is Samantha and I have been an RPN for 9 years and worked as a PSW for 8 years prior. I have 2 kids ages 8 & 9, and 2 dogs (1 is a shih tzu x maltese and the other is a german sheapard x lab). I’ve spent over 10 years working full time between LTC and retirement, and then the past 5 years working part time on and off doing home care working with clients who have high medical needs. I am in the hiring process of starting back up again working in LTC and retirement and feel like this leadership course could greatly benefit me. I remember being a PSW and how much my shifts were positively impacted when there was a strong leading nurse on the floor. I also think that learning good leadership skills can benefit me and other areas throughout my life and I am excited to learn more!

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      Hi everyone! My name is Larissa and I have been an RPN since January 2021. I have been in health care since 2014 and have diverse experience with university degrees in Speech and Language Sciences and Biology and Neuroscience. I love being a nurse and have truly found my calling, as it is fulfilling and meaningful work that I am proud of every day.

      In December of 2021 I accepted a full-time leadership role in my retirement community which has been a pleasure and a wonderful growing experience. I look forward to learning as much as I can in order to be a valuable member of any team and to achieve personal growth.

      Personally, I love to travel, enjoy nature, attend live theatre and concerts, and spend time with my kitty Stella, partner Cameron, my parents and my amazing friends. I’m likely to be found with a good book or a puzzle and a cup of coffee in my down time.

      I look forward to sharing this experience with all of you!

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      Hi Everyone!
      My name is Kelsey. I have been an RPN since March 2017. I am currently working in a Family Health Team and I absolutely love it. I’m hoping this course will help guide me to becoming a stronger leader within our team as I am hoping to move into a managerial role. In my down time, I can usually be found outside with our 2 dogs (German ShepherdxHusky and German ShepherdxBelgian Shepherd) or in the garage making signs out of wood with my scroll saw.

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      Hello Everyone

      My name is Melissa and I have been an RPN since 2004 and live in Ottawa.

      I currently work in the community supervising clients receiving government funded home care. My nursing background is a mixed bag from LCT to Family Practice to Teaching (PSWs) to RH and now Community Home Care.

      I am taking this course to continue to learn new skills and be an effective leader for the PSWs and clients under my supervision and to continue to work collaboratively; in a multi disciplinary team, on a managerial level

      On a personal level; I have a son who is 25, a black cat named Salem and a German Shepherd named Riot—The cat rules the house and the one guests are warned about!

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      Good Morning Everyone

      My Name is Katrina. I have been an RPN since 2002 and have worked in a Variety of settings throughout my Career.

      I started my career as a LTC nurse, moved into a Manager position for a community agency for approx. 8 years. From there I taught the PSW program and also worked in the correctional facility as a staff nurse (This is were I found my love for Mental Heath and Addictions). Currently I Lead the ACTT (Assertive Community Treatment Team ) in the Durham Region.

      I am excited to take this course as I feel it will help me to learn continue to develop the skills as a Leader / Manager. I oversee Nurses, Case Managers, Social worker, OT, peer Support Worker and a Vocational Specialist. We work very closely and collaboratively as a team.

      I have a love for walking, as it relaxes my mind after a draining day at the office. I also have 2 dogs that walk with me (Kaleesi (Husky), Louie (LAB). I live in the country which allows me to have peaceful walks and the dogs run off leash an know all the neighbors around.

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      Hey everybody,

      My name is Nicole, I work in Muskoka on the med/surg floor. I am interested in taking a leadership role in the healthcare field for a new experience. RPNs are limited to options at our hospital, so perhaps this course will look attractive on my resume to expand my options and help me meet my career goals!

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      My name is Brenda. I’ve been an RPN since 1997. Initially I started as staff RPN in LTC and worked there for 5 years. I currently work as Nursing Resource Team RPN in a small hospital. I have been in that role since 2008. A few months ago, I was asked to fill the Team Lead role on the complex continuing care floor.
      This is a new role for RPN’s in the hospital I work at. I’m taking this course to learn more about leadership and bolster my existing leadership skills. In my spare time I am a photographer. I am married and have 2 dogs a lab and a pug-boston terrier cross.

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      My name is Becky.
      I have been a RPN since 1991. I know…that is a long time!
      I have worked LTC, Complex care, Surgery, OB, Palliative care and now hold the position of Lead Nurse in a Family Health Organization.
      I really felt a strong pull to take this course when I seen it posted on, We RPN. I want to expand, strengthen and enhance the skills I have but also learn new things and gain new skills. It is my responsibility as lead nurse to continue to develop and perform my job well.
      Outside of work I enjoy golfing, book club, music, campfires, wine, and spending time with family and friends.

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      Welcome to Leadership 1!
      I’m Sharon Foster, your facilitator for this course, and it’s great to see so many leaders here, furthering their education. I’m an older gal but a young nurse and my background in healthcare started in LTC, then home care, and then 10 years in Emerg. I have 2 weird and wonderful dogs (one is a greyhound with 3 legs!) that keep me walking and entertained.
      I’m looking forward to reading through your discussions and tagging along for your leadership journey!

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      Hi my name is Grazielle
      I have a background in Health Informatics but I have been an RPN for about 3 years now. I work as a health coordinator in a patient support program for a pharmaceutical company. Its a very neat job and I love what I do! I decided to take this course because I think the skills and concepts I will learn fro mthis course would help me in my career goals.

      In my spare time I like to hike and go indoor climbing. I recently got a puppy so he has been my hiking buddy.

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