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      Pick one of the Leadership characteristics in the chapter you read above that you feel is the most important in a leader. Describe a personal situation about yourself or a leader that supports why you feel that characteristic is the most important.

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      At this time, I believe that being able to “Adapt to situations” is a very important characteristic in leadership.
      Covid-19! In health care, at a Community Health Centre. Never have I experienced such fear, confusion, uncertainty, and daily/hourly changes in the work place. From front line workers, to management at all levels, and clients.
      A list of changes: wearing of PPE, reusing PPE, conflict between best practice and Covid, increased mental health, going from an environment “where everyone is welcome ” to locking doors, maintaining 6 feet apart, screening, loss of group programs, task orientated only, extra cleaning, changing protocols daily , working from home, requiring strong computer skills and the list goes on and on.
      I had to focus on being flexible and being able to rise to the challenges that my work place was throwing at me. I had to learn new ways of doing things and to adapt to the changing needs and responsibilities of the organization and the clients. I had to adapt to new ways of nursing.
      Without being able to adapt to situations ,I would have not been able to provide care to our clients and work within the team effectively providing strong leadership skills during uncertain times

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      Leaders must demonstrate a number of different characteristics in order to be effective leaders. However the one that speaks to me and that I feel is the most important is that “leaders must mentor others and acknowledge their ideas and accomplishments.”
      Leadership in my nursing role can sometimes be difficult. I work in LTC and I am responsible for a number of residents their families and the staff that provide personal care to the residents. In order to make this a positive experience for the resident and a place they can call home I have to step up daily and meet their needs. I have to mentor the PSW and let them know of the expectations of the home. Share the vision of the home with them and demonstrate it to them through my work ethic. I let them know that we are working as a team and that their ideas are important. I use positive feedback when ideas and concerns are brought forward. In my role I have to rely on the PSW to help me meet the residents needs and to communicate concerns to the families. Therefore having an open and candid relationship with the staff is important.
      I regularly make accomplishments of the staff known to our ADOC and DOC and ensure that hard work and passion for the job do not go unrecognized. I also try to personally acknowledge staff that goes above and beyond or when we have a particularly challenging shift I like to reflect on what we did well and let everyone know how much I appreciated all there help that day.
      This characteristic has helped our morale through the past year and most recently with our severe staffing shortages it acknowledges the staff that have stuck with our home and their role as a PSW. It helps new staff coming in feel welcome and that they are joining a positive team .
      In conclusion I feel that leading by example and acknowledging accomplishments helps build a positive, motivated team. It makes others feel valued and makes the work they do feel important.

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      Tania I am still trying to pick 1 of the several characteristics that a leader should have but I do agree with you 100%. The amount of times my Director would say “we are in a fluid situation” I lots track of! From our daily huddles going to hourly the first few weeks and whenever there was new information or another wave coming. Jennifer, I can also appreciate your choice for an important characteristic, as we had to get creative in the ER during these fluid situations. My director brought the challenges to the group and we all put our suggestions forward on things such as to how/where we screened the patients, where to have the positive screed patients wait to protect them and the rest of those seeking medical attention safely… and those were just the beginning of the challenges we faced as a team.
      I will get back with my pick for an important characteristic that a leader should encompass. But for the time being I just wanted to reflect on your great choices and remember how grateful I am to have had such an amazing leader to bring my department, as a whole, together through the pandemic…thus far. And thank you ladies for what you are doing and going through on a daily as we all still figure this thing out!❤️

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      I believe that a leader should be dependable. It shows others that their time is important and that they are respected and that they matter. Also being dependable, you are committed to doing what is right

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      I feel that all the Leadership characteristics are important, but some come to the forefront more than others in different settings and especially during different struggles!
      Prime case, the COVID-19 pandemic.
      I agree with Tania. I feel that having to “Adapt to situations” has been 1 of the Leadership characteristics most important to have, especially during this Pandemic.
      For myself being in a managerial role, I have had to adapt every single day, week, month, etc. to the ever changing, procedures, policies and rules.
      I’ve learned the importance of communication, during a time when not everything has been communicated to us from the regulatory authorities clearly either.
      It has been a struggle when staff, patients and/or their loved ones are seeking answers, or guidance from me, when the communication give to us is not clear to begin with. I’ve had to adapt and have become more patient with myself and others, trying to remember that we’re all doing the best we can with the information we are given.
      Frustrations have been heard and felt at all levels and it has been emotionally exhausting at times.
      Without being able to adapt to the “rules” and requirements from the Public Health unit and the other Regulatory authorities, my team wouldn’t be able to continue to provide the best patient-centered care to our residents.

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      After reading the articles and a couple of the responses in the discussion, I think am going to go with COURAGE as the most important characteristic in a leader.
      It takes courage to admit you don’t have all the answers right now, or that you can not do it alone, and then even more courage to empower those around you and build your followers. It takes courage to be able to change on your toes and adapt to your new surrounding, as constantly as you may have to, being in the fluid states nursing usually is. It also takes courage to strive forward, to go beyond the status quo, to speak up and advocate for your patients and their needs, as well as your followers and their dedications and accomplishments. It takes courage to be optimistic and watch for the different possibilities as they unfold, while continuing to foster that vision within others and your followers. It takes courage to step outside of your comfort zone and then to constantly be pushing forward.
      Like Erin said ALL characteristic of leadership are important, but I feel that courage is the most important. One that needs to be at the core of each great leader to be able to drive the rest of the skills and traits into action.

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      I find it almost impossible to pick 1 characteristic of a leader as I feel they are all important. Right now, I feel that self confident is important. If someone is not confident in what they are doing as a leader, do you want them to be a leader? I believe if a person is not confident how can they lead? I understand that every position is new to everyone, and you can build your way up and gain the self confident that you need. I feel that self confident is something some people need to work on before becoming a leader, and that leaders should be confident in their actions and the confidence to delegate when needed.

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