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      Think of an example of when you were involved in a work conflict where it was actually a productive conflict. Share your story on the online discussion forum.

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      One conflict that comes to mind is that of a previous co worker whose position was that of Health and Safety. As I have shared in previous posts I am the unit manager of a RH, so many of my residents are cognitive so I always advocate to keep them appraised of any changes that were going to take place and why. Prior to this incident I am going to share now, I had had conflict with this employee implementing changes on my unit without informing me thus not giving me the opportunity to share this information with my staff. I had talked to my manager a couple times asking that I please be informed prior to any changes that were going to occur on my unit so I can inform, not only my residents, but their POA’s if indicated. My manager did not feel it was that important for me to have prior knowledge for all changes were for Health and Safety or as directed my our administrator or herself.
      Well this particular day started like any other and we were all in the dining room for breakfast. I did see this employee go back and forth in the hallway a few times but thought nothing of it. After breakfast I had a resident come storming up to my desk and demand to know where her pillows were? I was confused and stated ” I don’t know’? Then another resident and another and well the tsunami that struck my unit was catastrophic to say the least. This employee waited until we were in the dining room and she went into each room and removed everyone’s pillow’s and replaced them with the “new” pillows that met the safety standards (easy to wipe off).
      I cannot express the damage that this particular incident not only caused me professionally but personally. The fallout from residents and POA’s was un-surmounted in any conflict I had to deal with in my professional career. To make a very long story shorter, the famous pillow debacle was eventually resolved with everyone, somewhat, satisfied with the outcome, but more important it was that incident that set a fire under me and I advocated HARD to ensure that nothing like that ever happened again to my residents and thus to this day when there is any change I am provided the necessary information and given the necessary time to inform my residents either verbally or written.

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