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      Key Findings of the Research- Review the key findings below and discuss in the forum if there is anything that you were expecting but is not listed

      • The RPN role is viewed as a valuable member of the health care team in the provision of quality patient care.
      • Although frequently used, the phrase scope of practice is not well understood, with most nurses describing scope of practice in terms of tasks or what they are allowed to do in their practice settings
      • There continue to exist many misconceptions and old truths, held by both RPNs and RNs, regarding the RPN scope of practice, which contributes to role confusion and underutilization of RPNs (e.g. the misconception that RPNs must work under the direct supervision of RN).
      • Leadership has a vital role in setting expectations regarding scope of practice, collaboration, and respect within the practice setting.
      • Organizational practices (e.g., policies, procedures, role descriptions, models of care) play a key role in determining the appropriate utilization of RPNs.
      • Given the significant degree of overlap between the RPN and RN roles, many nurses and nursing leaders are uncomfortable with the resulting ambiguity and would like a list of who can do what to cover all possible scenarios.
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