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      In this individual exercise, you will answer questions to develop a personal leadership development plan.


      1. As I see myself now, my current strengths or outstanding abilities are:
      2. I might make better use of these strengths by:
        (i.e., what my supervisor could delegate to me, projects I could take on, trade responsibilities with a peer, assume supervisor’s tasks, coach someone, how can I utilize my strengths to improve the productivity of the library)

      What I Need to Learn

      1. The knowledge, abilities or attitudes that I want to strengthen are:
      2. Some of the “costs” to not being more developed in these areas include:
      3. Some things I might do to strengthen my less-developed abilities are (workshops, conferences, courses, books to read, things to listen to):
        1. I should try the following new behaviors
        2. I might try talking to the following people for assistance
        3. Information I need to get to strengthen my knowledge, abilities or attitudes includes
      1. The one ability I choose to develop to improve my effectiveness most would be:
      2. Blocks I see to accomplishing my goal are:
        1. What I can do to overcome these blocks:
      1. I can commit to taking the following action for 10 minutes each day that I am at work to further my leadership potential:
        1. It would be best done at this time of day __________________

      Eureka! Leadership Program Phase 2 Wrap-Up Session August-September 2007 – This material has been created by Holly Hinman and Cheryl Gould for the Infopeople Project [infopeople.org], supported by the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act, administered in California by the State Librarian.  Material has been modified from material created by Dr. Leah Kaye and Simon Heap. Any use of this material should credit the author and funding source.

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