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      Many nurses and nursing leaders are uncomfortable with the overlap between the RPN and RN roles and would like a list of who can do what to cover all possible scenarios. Are you able to articulate the roles of the RPN and RN?

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      I think it is still a work in progress
      Looking at the framework, RPNs have to follow the “it depends” wording
      Depending on their skill, training, experience and what is required in the area of the workplace.
      Also, for the RPN to be aware of their limitations to knowledge and when consultation and the potential for client instability arises when to notify the RN

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      Here’s my best effort (today)….

      I would say that all classifications of nurses have a role to: provide care and support the improvement of health outcomes based on their skill knowledge and judgement. The predictability and complexity of a client and organizational policies (directives, formulary) needs additional consideration for the RPN classification.


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      I agree with Claire – knowledge, skill, judgement and the 3 factor model

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      Well said Michelle and Claire! In addition to the skills, knowledge, experience of the individual RPN and RN, I would add that ‘it depends’ on the patient, nurse, and environmental factors of the practice situation. A black and white list of skills would be restrictive and not respect these factors.

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        I like the point about making a list of tasks being too restrictive. By using the 3 factor framework and knowledge process you can see how providing a list of nursing tasks can add to that uncertainty of the overlap.

        Does anyone else have more thoughts on this overlap and other examples of where it can be confusing?

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