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      Please provide an example for each of the following:

      1. RPN receives advice from RN. RPN continues to provide all aspects of client care; no change in patient assignment.
      2. RPN receives advice from RN. Some aspects of care are transferred to RN; no change in patient assignment.
      3. All care is transferred to RN; patient assignment formally changed to RN.
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      1. Client with chronic wound dressing. RPN notes that maybe another form of dressing should be used so they consult with RN to reach an agreement and proceed with the new plan of care

      2. Client has increasing peripheral leg edema with some shortness of breath on exertion. RPN notes this and with clients history of CHF the RN is consulted. After assessment from RN both are in agreement that the Dr would need to be consulted to increase the lasix. RPN continues with client.

      3. Client becomes increasingly short of breath with decreased O2 sats and hypotension. MD orders client to be placed on telemetry and to start high flow O2 and medication to increase blood pressure

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