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      Part 1: Develop a research question using PICO that focused on a clinical problem you have experienced. Post your research question in the discussion area below and share why you chose this research question (Maximum 250 words)

      Part 2: Comment on one of your peer’s research questions. (Maximum 250 words) • Ask a clarifying question • Offer a different perspective • Share your reflections or your experience related to the research question.

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      What interventions work best in helping patients with hypertension to better manage their blood pressure control at home?

      I have worked with renal patients for several years. Many of the patients that had chronic kidney disease (CKD) also had hypertension.
      Within a multidisciplinary team, we would educate and monitor patients with hypertension to help obtain a more optimal range of control.
      Doing this can help slow the progression of their CKD.
      Many patients did not monitor their blood pressure outside of clinic for a variety of reasons.
      I would like to explore the evidence on this subject firsthand to better support this patient population.

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